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Covid - Adapt To Survive

News IanCulley COMMENTS 07 Nov, 2020

Without question 2020 has been the weirdest year ever.  Covid has changed our lives in ways that will reman with us for a very long time to come, and in particular for those who have tragically lost loved ones.

We cannot expect life to go back to pre-Covid normal any time soon.  This does of course mean that there will be a lasting impact on businesses, which will have to adapt to survive.  For example, the lack of access to a local swimming pool since March for scuba diving has, and will continue to have a lasting impact.  I could write an essay on the disadvantages of outsourcing swimming pool and leisure facility management by councils to the private sector, but it won't get me in the water any time soon. 

It is not without a sense of irony that scuba diving training in swimming pools where you wear a mask that covers your eyes and nose, you are breathing from a self-contained filtered air source whilst swimming in a sterilising solution is not considered by many leisure centre operators to be Covid safe ... rant over.

So what does this mean for Dive Force? How have we adapted to survive?  Dive Force has reinstated its online store - there are now over 1,600 items listed, much of which are in stock - if not, they are avaliable from suppliers within a few days as everyone adapts to the increasingly online world we find ourselves in. These are available through click and collect while we remain in lock down.  However, online sales do not change the fact that you cannot get air fills or nitrox, service your equipment, nor can you be fitted for a wetsuit or try on several masks to find one that fits from the internet (unless you have a large budget, infinite amounts of patience and enjoy ebay/amazon returns post office queues and waiting for refunds ...)

We have expanded our services and accessories for open water swimmers (wet suits, prescription goggles), surface water sports (wetsuits, dry suits life jackets and ski vests) and air gunners (pellets, cylinder accessories and target holders). In tune with the mantra of adapt to survive, we also provide services to:

  • First aid training - Chld care and schools
  • Ozone therapy practitioners - Oxygen refills and equipment
  • Motor racing - Air fills and equipment configuration for service equipment
  • Dentists - Emergency oxygen equipment servicing
  • Underground and sewer workers - Air fills and servicing for emergency breathing equipment 
  • Pest control - Air fills, equipment, servicing and accessories for air gunners
  • Films and advertising - Props, support equipment and safety divers

We also provide advice and information from the internet - dive shop staff are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide extensive support and advice -  not just for diving, but also watersports and high pressure air delivery equipment. 

Where does this leave Dive Force? The good news is that we will be here in the New Year!

Stay well, safe and sane and thank you for your continuing support.

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