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SCUBA EQUIPMENT SERVICING Diving computers, BCD's, cylinders, dry suits and regulators


At our shop in North London and our partner service centre, we provide a wide range of equipment servicing and repairs for scuba divers:

  • Dive computer battery changes and pressure testing up to 10 Bar - on site
  • BCD servicing and maintenance - on site
  • Dry suit repairs and servicing - service centre
  • Regulator serving - service centre
  • Cylinder visuals and hydrostatic testing - service centre

Our partner service centre operates the UK's leading dive service and repair workshops. With over 20 years of experience they have developed unrivalled expertise utilizing trained technicians and the best diagnostic equipment available to ensure that your diving equipment is properly prepared for your underwater adventures.

Dive Computer Battery Replacement & Pressure Test

We carry out battery replacements and pressure testing for dive computers on-site. Battery replacement and pressure testing can be done while you wait.

  • Aqualung
  • Oceanic
  • Cressi
  • Scubapro
  • SEAC
  • Suunto

For other makes, please call.

BCD Servicing

We carry out BCD Servicing on site. Service turnaround 1-2 weeks.  Prices from £25, plus parts

Dry Suit Repairs

We provide dry suit repair services through a specialist dry suit repair facility with a superb reputation for high quality work. Please be awarethat during busy times of the year there may be a long lead time to carry out repairs - typically 2-3 weeks.  See Dive Force Online for pricing. Common repairs are:

  • Neck seal replacement - latex and neoprene
  • Wrist seal - latex and neoprene
  • Shoulder zip - standard and heavy duty
  • Front entry zip
  • Boots
  • Socks - neoprene with kevlar sole
  • Pockets
  • Knee pads


Regulator Servicing

We service all the major brands. Pricing includes standard parts service kits, if further repairs or parts are required there will be an additional cost (mouthpieces, hoses, schraeder valves etc). If your models is not on the list, please call to enquire. Servicing time depends on time of year and demand, typically around 2-3 weeks.

See link to Dive Force Online for pricing: 


Cylinder Testing & Services

In order for a cylinder to be filled with air or Nitrox / Trimix etc. it must have a valid test stamp or sticker.  If this is not present, or it is out of date, then the cylinder will not be filled and must be tested.

Please call to verify timescales - typically around 2-3 weeks.

See link to shop for pricing

  • Hydrostatic test including compulsory valve service (per cylinder)
  • Visual inspection including compulsory valve service (per cylinder)
  • O2 cleaning
  • Shot blast
  • Zinc and repaint