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AIR GUN SERVICES Air Fills, cylinders, cylinder servicing and pellets

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At our shop in North London, we provide services for air gunners, paint ballers, T-Shirt guns and rescue breathing air sets. 

Air fills, air tank testing, air tanks, accessories including quick connect kits, pellets, handles and carriers, connector hoses, replacement cylinder gauges and much more. See our online store for stock.

Air Fills

We have a 300 Bar compressor and can provide true 300 bar fills while you wait (please call us first).  Please note that we always check the in-service date of all cylinders before refilling.  If your cylinder is out of date, we can service your cylinder.  Whilst your cylinder is being serviced, we can offer a rental cylinder.

We like to provide operating temperature 300 bar fills - we use a digital infrared thermometer to check cylinder temperature as it is being filled to ensure that you will have 300 bar of air once your cylinder has cooled to atmospheric ambient temperature.  As empty cylinders get hot whilst filling, we need to wait whilst it cools to ensure you get a 300 bar fill.  This can take about 20 minutes.

  • 3 to 5 litre - top up fills from 150 bar to 300 bar: £5
  • 3 to 5 litre - fill from less than 150 Bar to 300 bar: £10
  • 7 litre - top up fills from 150 bar to 300 bar: £7
  • 7 litre - fill from less than 150 Bar 300 bar: £12
  • 12 litre - top up fills from 150 bar to 300 bar: £12
  • 12 litre - fill from less than 150 Bar 300 bar: £15
  • Top up fills from 150 bar for 232 bar cylinders - any size: £5
  • Paint ball gun cylindersand other specialist cylinders up to 3 litres capacity and 232 bar pressure: £5
  • Rescue Breathing Air sets up to 3 litres (including repacking): £7



Cylinder testing from £50 for a five year hydrostatic test - bring your cylinder into the shop.  Turnaround time for cylinder testing is 2-3 weeks.

We offer 3 litre 300 bar rental cylinders for air gunners at £10 per week - please call: 020 8803 0241.


We stock a wide range of essentials and accessories including:

Cylinders: 3 litre, 5 litre and 7 litre Hydrotech steel cylinders with air gun valves with gauges. 6.8 litre and 9.0 litre carbon fibre cylinders.

Fittings and accessories: Cylinder handles, tank carriers, Quick Connect kits, filling hoses, replacement pressure gauges for cylinder valves, neoprene cylinder covers, compressed gas stickers, target holders and more.

Pellets:  Daystate Rangemaster Sovereign .22, RWS Superdome .22 and .177, RWS Super H-Point .22 and .177, RWS Super Filed .22 and .177, RWS Field Kits with 5 assorted types pellets .22 & .177