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Luxfer 1.5 litre cylinder in brushed finish. Flat bottom. San-O-Sub DIN convertible valve Max working pressure: 200 bar Diameter: 111mm Length: 295mm Weight (empty): 2.08 kg Luxfer 7 litre cylinder in brushed or natural finish. Flat bottom. San-O-Sub… - Read More

£ 220.00

Fits most cylinders from 3 to 12 Litre. Makes larger cylinders easier to transport. For cylinders with M25 valve fittings (most common variety for air gun cylinders). - Read More

£ 11.00

Cylinder Mesh

Cylinder protective mesh is made of tough PVC and protects cylinders from bashes and scrapes. Fits Airgun Cylinders 3 litre dumpy, 5 litre and 7 litre. - Read More

£ 5.00

Cylinder boot for 7 litre cylinders: Hard rubber construction. Easily drains. Very robust. - Read More

£ 15.00

Cylinder boot for 10 and 12 litre cylinders: Hard rubber construction. Easily drains. Very robust. - Read More

£ 6.70

Cylinder boot for 12 litre dumpy and 15 litre cylinders: Hard rubber construction. Easily drains. Very robust. - Read More

£ 18.00

Cylinder boot for 6.8 litre carbon fibre air gun cylinders: Hard rubber construction. Protects cylinder paintwork. Drain holes in bottom. - Read More

£ 8.95

Locking cam-action mechanism keeps handle in the desired position. - Read More

£ 14.50

Standard DIN adaptor insert for DIN convertible valves. - Read More

£ 6.95

Innovative Scuba Concepts
Dive Tank Key Chain

Dive Tank Key Chain - aluminium diving cylinder shape with a brass pick. Comes in 2 versions:  Silver: 12 assorted viton rubber O-rings (4 high pressure swivel O-rings included) suitable for use with nitrox. Blue:: 12 assorted buna rubber O-rings… - Read More

£ 9.95

Universal push on item. Increases grip & control when filling from a cylinder. Especially good for old, cold or tired hands. Suitable for a wide range of cylinder valves including MDE, Webley, Faber etc. - Read More

£ 5.00

232 bar DIN (G5/8") yoke/convertible valve. One-piece forged cylinder valve with high-flow design made from chrome plated brass. Ideal for sidemount cylinders due to the manifold post.  Polymer debris tube. M25 neck thread. Future proofed… - Read More

£ 78.00

Heavy duty webbing strap with comfortable moulded rubber handle. Makes carrying heavy cylinders a pleasure! Universal adjustable straps fit most 3ltr – 15ltr diving cylinders. Not suitable for our 3ltr “Stumpy Jack” cylinder. - Read More

£ 12.50

Complete Cylinder Transport Kit: BEST Fittings Carry Strap, Cylinder Anti Roll Cradle, and 100mm Square Magnetic Hazard Warning Label included in kit. Anti Roll Cradle: Velcro width adjustment suits cylinders of all sizes. Stops cylinders from rolling… - Read More

£ 22.50